The Purpose

LIWANAG 2015 will be:

  • The space for engagement of visionaries for a new civil society
  • The watering hole, the respite for tired and thirsty social movement activators
  • The story catcher of the stories we and the movements are living out
  • The weaver of disparate, disjointed–even opposing–parts of the movement’s ecosystem
  • The catalyst for renewal of a shared larger vision that encompasses each organization& movement
  • The birthing place for the new thinking, attitudes, ways and relationships that await to be born among us


At Liwanag, Together We Will:

  1. Connect with other individuals, organizations and networks so as to experience and realize, perhaps renew, a sense of oneness and wholeness.
  2. Reach a level of compassion and care for each other and others in the system that we in movements must learn to learn and work with, or perish.
  3. Engage in a deeper inquiry around the questions that matter to us most and understand deeply the critical forces at play in movements in order to grow and make a lasting impact on the world.
  4. Jump into the void, the unknown, the mystery to mine for the next discovery, the next leap of understanding, imagination and resolution that will stimulate movements to grow.
  5. Discover and commit to the ways to achieve the aims we and all our social movements set out for – a better world, a safer planet, a more secure and happy future for our future generations, a more loving and evolving human specie.