What are Social Movements?

Social movements come into being by an alchemical combination of the following ingredients

  • A dissatisfying or painful state in society that has been going on for a long time but has reached unbearability due to a crisis – man-made or natural – that has just taken place.
  • A person or group of people who have had enough of a situation, who feel uniquely called, have been prepared and are best positioned to do something to change it.
  • A new vision or story unfolding, calling to be reached or lived out that has a real possibility of happening, if not in one’s lifetime, perhaps the next.
  • A larger force unto itself, creating situations, drawing people together or tearing them apart, creating and resolving challenges, opening and closing opportunities as it becomes more and more the state, vision or dream this forces is calling us out to create and be. It has no headquarters or centralized power; it is owned by no one. It comes from and drives Life.
  • Local crystallization or manifestation happens.
  • A quiet, shared feeling—a knowing of great certitude that permeates through us and all around us—that ‘it’s time’ and ‘it’s us’.