aldorJoel Aldor is an IT project manager for a Filipino-Australian IT firm based in Manila and Sydney. He has over 10 years of experience in web and mobile development, enterprise systems and project management. He is a cultural heritage practitioner at the same time, having worked with several documentation and preservation projects around the Philippines for the past 8 years. He led a documentation initiative called “Project Kisame”, which aimed to digitally document the largest heritage artworks in the Philippines as found in the ceiling paintings of the colonial churches of Cebu, Bohol and Siquijor. The project was funded by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts last 2014, and the output of the project can be found on his The project had earned him a Dr. Reynaldo Lesaca Achievement Award by Mensa during that same year. Today he is leading a new project to build a comprehensive online inventory of cultural properties and historic events in the Philippines, in partnership with Philippine Institute of Architects. The inventory runs on a web platform called Arches, developed by the Getty Conservation Institute and World Monuments Fund. The inventory’s website is

He is also a writer and columnist for several magazines such as BluPrint, Travelife and The Fortnightly News Magazine, writing for diverse topics such as travel, architecture, food, history, personalities, business and technology. He is also a poet, a seasoned backpacking traveller, and a member of Mensa.


joey2Joey Ayala is a Filipino singer and songwriter well known for his style of music that combines the sounds of Filipino ethnic instruments with modern pop music The name of his band “Bagong Lumad” literally means “New Native” – a name and philosophy that has been carried over into Bagong Lumad Artists Foundation, Inc. (, now a UNDP Responsible Party working on SiningBayan (Social Artistry) capacity-building projects with the Civil Service Commission, the Department of Education, and other GOs and NGOs in the Philippines. He served as the (2008–10) Chairman and Vice-Chairman (2011–13) of the National Committee on Music under the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.


beloWalden Bello is a Filipino author, academic, and political analyst who currently serves in the Philippine Congress. He is a professor of sociology and public administration at the University of the Philippines Diliman. He is the founding director of Focus on the Global South, a policy research institute based in Bangkok. Bello was given the Right Livelihood Award, a joint award with Nicanor Perlas, in 2003, for his outstanding efforts in educating civil society about the effects of corporate globalisation, and how alternatives to it can be implemented. He is regarded as one of the leading critics of the current model of economic globalization, combining the roles of intellectual and activist.

‘”Walden Bello is the world’s leading no-nonsense revolutionary,” said Naomi Klein, author of The Shock Doctrine. book, Capitalism’s Last Stand, is said to be “a stirring call to arms for all those interested in global economic justice.”


jay-cruzJose Jay B. Cruz is the Artistic Director of Transitopia Plus Dance, an innovative contemporary and independent dance company featured at WIFI Body – Independent and Contemporary Dance Festival at CCP. He is also a solo artist who has participated in international dance festivals in Hongkong, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Korea and Shanghai and a finalist to Yokohama SoloXDuo Dance Competition in Avignon.

Jay is an Asian Cultural Council Awwardee who studied dance composition in NY, USA in 2009. In 2014, he was awarded Prince Claus fund to explore the concept off time, space, shape, motion and its impact on human body and behavior in a mash up of 3 fields of studies – Social Networking Theories, Visual Arts and Dance. He is also a founder of the network of independeent theater companies in Manila called Performance Research Network in partnership with Cultural Center of the Philippines. He is also currently and acting coach for TV and movies.


Johjayendran Joeffrey “Jayendra” Dabatos Jr.  A “Maharlikan Earthling” imaginal born and raised in this year’s Liwanag Venue. He is a Graduate of Psychology, but his exposures earlier on range from working at fast-food industries, teaching music and dance at a mental facility and rehabilitation center and a radio announcer and swinging to and from within the BPO industry. Specializing on training and facilitation, he also flowered his “industrial” years as a Human Resource Officer and Training Specialist towards the rewarding Sales and Marketing World. The arts had been brewing on the sides then.

Jayendra is an experienced performance artist with performances ranging from cultural and ethnic (USC Dance Troupe) to classical dances (Queen City Chamber Ballet), theater and music though the band Maharlika which means “great creation”. A Trained Yoga Educator and Certified Group Fitness Instructor, he initiated the becoming of Yoga Sugbo, a collective of Yoga Enthusiasts, Instructors and Educators practically living the lifestyle and serving the community. Another one born out of consciousness in 2012 was YoGathering a series of events, camps and workshops of mindful and compassionate communities together to equip participants in the big league to service facing ahead in times of need. As a Parent, he is presently co-creating this avenue with beautiful souls where creative, stress-free education is available for every living child in the universe. He is also a part of this convening initiative called Maharlika sa Sugbo (MSS).


dadaDada Dharmavedananda Avt. is a trained yoga monk in India, an author, a teacher and a natural therapist. His specialty, natural therapy, has allowed him to provide treatment to thousands of patients all over the world. He established the Ananda Marga Yoga Center in Cebu and opened the first natural therapy in-patient center. His passion to serve made him focus not only to medical activities but also to other service programs, including kindergartens, relief camps, livelihood training, youth camps and agricultural projects.





Ma.Clara Rowena “Weng” Ebdani is a full-time manager in the Business Process Outsourcing industry having focused in areas of Business Analysis, Quality, Operations and Workforce Management. In some of her leadership roles in companies she joined, she integrated Visioning processes into conventional Strategic Planning and Culture Change workshops into Leadership Development Training and mentoring.

She is a co-convener and co-organizer of initiatives like GMO-free Cebu and Cebu Farmers Market. She writes creative non-fiction—usually stories about initiatives, dialogues, workshops and community-building activities. She is also a member of the Movement of Imaginals for Sustainable Societies through Innitiatives, Organizing and Networking.


louiseLouise Far is a photographer and cultural cultural creative who finds happiness in documenting life events. Passionate about holistic education, indigenous culture and arts, she has been managing programs, facilitating creative workshops especially for the young ones, and photographing events in education, culture and the arts. She has also been involved in the cultural initiatives of the Movement of Imaginals for Sustainable Societies through Innitiatives, Organizing and Networking. She is presently exploring the art of photo-book making and contemplative photography.




gardiolaMarides Virola-Gardiola is an independent facilitator, trainer and educator who has worked with communities seeking the transformation of individuals and society through empowerment strategies to address issues of poverty, dependency and conflict. Her expertise in the areas of organizational and human resource development, gender mainstreaming, cultural integrity and peacebuilding has brought her to work with women’s organizations, children’s rights groups, peasants, urban settlers and, in recent years, indigenous and Moro groups in the Philippines and some countries in Asia.

Madett is currently a member of professional membership networks such as the Participatory Development Forum, Human Development Network and the Mediators’ Network for Sustainable Peace and also sits in the Board of Trustees of various NGOs working on the environment, children’s rights and sustainable peace. With an academic background in Philosophy, she believes that change starts with personal empowerment and has been teaching meditation and self-management as a volunteer for the Brahma Kumaris in the last 17 years.


gian-carloGian Carlo de Jesus, a graduate of the University of the Philippines, is a cultural worker and thespian whose productions range from the classics to those of the absurd. From exploring socio-political themes early in his career, he began concentrating his work on environmental and spiritual themes with his adaptation of Akira Kurosawa’s “Dreams” and his multimedia presentation of “”Huwan Tamad at Ang Dagat Ng Mga Salita.” Iin 2014, he founded Kayumangging Pangkat Dulaan, a community theater group serving as venue and laboratory to explore the aesthetics and philosophy of Bahay-Bahayan or Balay-Balay approach to theater. Apart from his artistic endeavors, Gian is also actively participating in community life having served as President of San Pedro Jaycees in 2012 and as member of the Movement of Imaginals for Sustainable Societies through Innitiatives, Organizing and Networking.
He has worked with the Philippine Cultural Workers and Artist Society and currently connected with Innovative Strategies for Social Solutions and Junior Chamber International San Pedro.


pacaliogaNacianceno M. Pacalioga Jr. or “Mayor Jun” is a 3rd Termer Municipal Mayor (from 2007- Present) in Dumingag, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines. Before he became a Mayor, he was elected as Rank 1 in Municipal Council seat from 1995-1998, and as Municipal Vice Mayor for 9 years (1998-2007). He pioneered sustainable organic agriculture as the foundation framework of his governance. He put his major investment in educating his people for recovering the soil fertility, increasing farm production and achieving food sufficiency and nutrition security. His sustainable organic agriculture program adopts a strategy that effectively arouses, organizes and mobilizes the people, especially the farmers, reducing the municipality’s poverty incidence from 93% to 42.8% within his term.

Mayor Jun is also the Recipient of the One World Award 2012 – the foremost recognition in the organic community given bi-annually by IFOAM Organics International and Rapunzel.



Mae Paner, more popularly known as Juana Change, is a Filipina TV ad director, political activist, video producer, and actress. She is one of the organizers of the Artist’s Revolution, a crowd of Filipino artists who work and advocate for transformation in the Philippine politics and government.
A Waray from Leyte, Paner started in theater. She is a certified Anak ng PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association), with the likes of Lino Brocka and Cecilia Bulaong.

Paner portrays a well-known character branded as Juana Change. The name was used as a pun for “wanna change” or “wala ng change”. She made this character mainly for the establishment of change in the Philippine government and to encourage Filipinos to build up their consciousness when it comes to the subject of politics. Juana Change is a project which sharply satires the Philippine government. She advocates justice, good governance and freedom through spoofs and aims to achieve change for the betterment of the society. She uploaded her first video as Juana change on December 4, 2008. It was an instant hit and has more than 100,000 views to date. During her first week, she immediately got 500,000 hits. She has several videos available in her Youtube channel which is mostly on her observations on the political scandals in the country. This project was created by a cluster of social activists and artists which was called The Convergence Team. Despite of lacking in funds, they produced short-length videos and uploaded them onto free video sharing sites to ensure that almost everyone can view it.

Juana Change also makes use of social networking sites, like Facebook, to spread their advocacy. Paner and the whole organization are focused on disseminating their ideas through numerous notes. Each note is intended for a certain topic which opens the eyes of its readers.



Dr. Romy Paredes is the visionary founder of Wellnessland Health Institute, a pioneering center in natural and complementary health care and education in the Visayas, which has influenced countless medical care facilities and practitioners around the Philippines. His natural and empowering medical approaches have successfuly treated numerous patients suffering chronic ailments and supposedly terminal cases.

With a BS in Chemistry from the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City and a medical degree at the UP College of Medicine-PGH, Dr. Paredes also trained in Integrative Medicine in the US. He is a Clinical Metal Toxicologist (CMT), and awarded cum laude by the International Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology.

He was awarded the Honorary Recognition Award by the Dr. Rath International Health Alliance for his outstanding achievement in the fight for health freedom. He has authored many books offering new perspectives on health and medicine, the most well-known of which is, “Health-Made Incredibly Simple.”

His personal journey towards consciousness expansion has led him to found a national movement towards health freedom and empowerment, organized by the NGO, Self Health-Empowerment Movement (SHEM).

nickNicanor Perlas
is an environmentalist and civil society leader who co-founded the Global Network for Social Three-Folding that advances a profound societal transformation towards integral sustainable development on the basis of socially-engaged spirituality and deep substantive inner change and several other civil society groups. He was instrumental in stopping the operation of the fully constructed and operational Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, a $2.2 billion project plagued with design, construction, location, and corruption problems. He was also instrumental in the banning of 32 hazardous pesticide formulations in the Philippines. In parallel with these efforts, Perlas pioneered the introduction of large scale commercial organic and biodynamic agriculture in many provinces in the Philippines.
Perlas was the chief negotiator for a network of national networks, which involved 5000 organizations, that successfully stopped the agenda of radical and one sided liberalization in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation or APEC. He crafted a creative response to the challenges of elite globalization the Philippine Agenda 21, a blue print for sustainable development in the Philippines.

For the local, national, and global impact of his work, Perlas has received many awards, including the Right Livelihood Award or the Alternative Nobel Prize in 2013.


teressaTeresa D. Ruelas, loves to journey with individuals, groups and networks to discover their essence and reason for being and co-create with them the culture to BE in keeping with their spirit or essence. She also loves BEING in the midst of an unfolding new idea with passionate others using the practices of deep listening, dialogue, creativity and emergence to birth the new.

Presently, she is the co-founder and CEO of The Nomadic Tales Philippines Inc.: Transforming through the Power of Story, a start-up company, based in the Philippines to produce through books, film, visual and performance art, stories that lift the Spirit and transform the consciousness of the audience and storytellers. NT’s first production is a children’s tour book series called “I See the Philippines”. This is expanding to an I See Kids Tours, to develop towns into tourist destinations that share the experience of their ‘essential story’. Tours to their towns will be a source of their livelihood.

She is also the co-founder and an Area Node Representative for the Movement of Imaginals for Sustainable Societies through Initiatives, Organizing and Networking (MISSION), Philippines. She is part of the Birthing Center that is responsible for listening, sensing, monitoring and growing the health, vibrancy and effectiveness of the whole movement. She is a Community Organizer for poor communities and is co-convener and co-founder of several initiatives and campaigns like the newly established #GMO-Free Cebu and the Movement for a Livable Cebu.

Tressa is also a Founding Member of two very vibrant and active women’s circles – Chakra and the 3Witches – which both started almost 30 years ago. Both delve in deep inquiry and dialogue into the real life phases and issues of Woman, as guided by the emerging Reality, Collective Wisdom and the Unseen.



 Traicy “Tapati” Tarongoy  is an imaginal artist involved in different areas of performing arts. Her primary visibility is in the world music scene starting with her playing percussions and doing vocals with Joey Ayala’s band BAGONG LUMAD for 8 years and counting, as a theatrical dancer embracing neo ethnic dance, as an emerging singer-songwriter doing solo and collaborative performances (commercial jingles, indie film music scoring), as a theater and indie film actress, vocal coach and therapist to renowned rock vocalists to playing a larger role of spearheading and co-organizing arts and culture events in the country.

With her powerful spirited Voice, Music and artistry, Tapati as herself is a festival showing an alternative perspective of the Philippine Culture.



Pi Villaraza walked away from corporate life in Manila to journey into Mindanao for one year, which intuitively led him to commit to the life of a hermit on an empty beach in an island in Palawan, living mostly on a coconut diet in deep meditation and healing process for almost two years. During his time here, a powerful energy arose in him that is now called the Inner Dance, a transformation movement that is spread across the world where teachers contribute to understanding how the mind works when internal energy shifts and heals in meta-cognitive dimensions. This work has numerous applications that is now grounded in medical work, education, dialogue, ecology, trauma and psychology. Pi is the founder of Bahay Kalipay and Maia Earth Village and is currently the CEO of Iasis Wholeness Center as well as the Self-Health Empowerment Movement, which organizes the Wholeness Center Network around the Philippines.


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