Liwanag 2015 Program

Co-Creating a New Philippines:

The Next Step for Innovative Societal Movements in Transforming a Nation

* This is a high-level description view of how each day will flow, subject to slight changes as we learn about the availability of our distinguished guest sharers, storytellers and facilitators and as new and more significant ideas, questions and offerings arise.
LIWANAG means “light” in the Filipino language and can be interpreted to mean a profound form of awakening and creativity—individual and collective—that can address the most profound challenges that rule our world today. Throughout our time together, therefore, Liwanag will be shed on what is and what is coming into being. From the inside out, and vice versa. We will therefore use the archetypical gestures of transformation through Light by going Inside, going Across, going Deep, going Vast, going New and going Together. This is not a linear process, but an iterative life-building one, with each archetypical gesture embedded in and building on the other.This is a gathering of the leaders and activators of our country’s societal movements coming together for the first time in our own and our society’s history. Focused and driven and called to work on healing, fixing and transforming a problem or ill in our shared society, we rarely find each other in the same place at the same time. LIWANAG focuses not on the “what” of achievements and results as much as on the “how” – how did the problem get created in the first place, how are we doing our work, how is it affecting other parts of the problem and the larger system we serve and how are we going to get to the next level of impact for our work.
 Padyak Tungo sa Liwanag: A Pilgrimage of Cyclists, Long boarders, Runners, Stand-Up Paddlers moving towards site of Liwanag World Festival, Provincial Capitol of Cebu
Day 1 – September 24 (Thursday)
Focus:Go Inside to reflect on how we got here, our journey stories and who else is out there “doing their thing” for the greater good. We begin to reflect together. To engage in a deeper inquiry around the questions that matter to us the most and understand deeply the critical forces at play in movements in order to grow and make a lasting impact on the world.Go Across. To connect with other individuals, organizations and networks so as to experience and realize, perhaps renew, a sense of oneness and wholeness.
9:00 AM Opening:

  • Prayer Offering
  • Lupang Hinirang

Joey Ayala, Tapati, Makasayaw Interpretation

9:10 AM Welcome Remarks Cebu Vice Governor Agnes A. Magpale
9:20 AM The Landscape & Logistics of Liwanag 2015
9:30 AM Mindful Movement I: Being HERE & NOW Jayendra Dabatos
9:40 AM Socio-Mapping Teresa D. Ruelas
10:10 AM Morning Break
10:20 AM Story Lab I: Our Selves & Our Stories Gian Carlo de Jesus & Joey Ayala
12:00 NN Working Lunch
2:00 PM Story Performances
3:00 PM Afternoon Break
3:15 PM Synthesizing and Expanding Our Thinking Within a Larger World Movement Congressman Walden Bello & Nicanor Perlas
4:25 PM Close: Community Building Singing  Joey Ayala, Maharlika Artists
Day 2 – September 25 (Friday)
Focus:Go Deep to reach such a level of listening and understanding as to experience compassion and care for each other and for other actors and “forces” in the system. Go Vast to stretch our sights to see and consider beyond what and who we are used to or have the time to consider. And to see and hear more deeply those we think we “already know”.
9:00 AM Prayer Offering
9:10 AM Mindful Movement II: Space & Other Jayendra Dabatos
9:20 AM Socio-Mapping II: Who We Are Connected To, How & Why It Matters Teresa D. Ruelas
9:40 AM Story Lab II: Breakdowns & Breakthroughs Gian Carlo de Jesus & Joey Ayala
12:00 NN Working Lunch
1:00 PM Story Performances
2:00 PM Synthesizing and Expanding Our Thinking Across An EcoSystem  Madett Gardiola
3:00 PM Afternoon Break
3:10 PM Round Table Dialogue: Our Web of Relationships

  • Mega Cebu – Evelyn Nacario-Castro
  • League of Organic Agriculture Municipalities of the Philippines – Mayor Nacianceno Pacalioga, Jr.
  • Bios Dynamis (to be confirmed)
4:10 PM Open Forum & Synthesis Madett Gardiola
4:45 PM Community Close Joey Ayala & Co., Jayendra Dabatos
6:30 PM Community Dinner Festival By Healing Present, Lazy Chef Lunch Club & Ananda Marga Yoga & WellnessCenter
7:30 PM Socio-Cultural Night By Joey Ayala, Tapati, Jayendra Dabatos & Japamala Arnado, TheMaharlika Artists, etc.
Day 3 – September 26 (Saturday)
Focus:Go New to discover and commit to the new ways that are emerging among us in order to achieve the aims that we and all our movements set out for.Go Together. Without knowing yet exactly how, we know we must take the next step on our evolutionary path, together.
9:00 AM Prayer Offering
9:10 AM Mindful Movement III: Moving Mountains, Beating the Odds  Jayendra Dabatos
9:20 AM Socio-Mapping III: What We Know Now, What We Do Now & With Whom  Teresa D. Ruelas
9:40 AM Round Table Dialogue:  The Way We See Life, How the World Works and How We Value (or Fail to Value) Both

  • AntHill Gallery – Anya Lim
  • BiosDynamis – Betsy Ruizo or Romano “Nono” Laurilla (to be confirmed)
  • Project Kisame – Joel Aldor
  • Kwintaxi – Mae Paner
10:40 AM Open Forum & Synthesis on the New Way We Are Called to Be Together Pi Villaraza
10:50 AM Morning Break
11:00 AM Story Lab III: Making the Impossible Possible Gian Carlo de Jesus & Joey Ayala
12:00 AM Lunch
1:00 PM Story Performances
2:00 PM Synthesis, Frameworks for Re-Shaping the New Dada Dharmavedananda
2:30 PM X-Deals in New Networking & Partnership to Nurture Large EcoSystems &Societal Movements  Teresa D. Ruelas
3:30 PM Afternoon Break
4:15 PM Closing Remarks: Skills for the Future Nicanor Perlas
4:40 PM Acknowledgement & Gratitude Liwanag Organizing Team
4:50 PM Community Singing to Close Joey Ayala, Jayendra Dabatos, All Artists with Community

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