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Bugsay Bayawan, bugsay!


Reflections from the City of Bayawan

We, in Bayawan City Node, met last Thursday for our Nodal Meeting and Sanctuary Gathering, and it was attended by 10 MISSION Members (6 Liwanag 2015 delegates – Rodelyn, Fronie, Ricky, Bert, Jude & I) 2 other MISSION members –Jae & Jeger, and the gathering was also attended by 2 old members – Kersty & Jotham.

After a preliminary mindfulness exercise, we had our sharing of Liwanag experience to those who were not able to attend.

Liwanag 2015 Reflections:

Engr. Bert: Listening to Joey’s song “Magkaugnay”, Bert was overwhelmed by the diversity of the participants joining the event. The Socio-Mapping activities was such a strategic tool to cluster diverse participants, how participants bond and have fellowship together, and with “Balay-balay” as another creative approach to group sharing open to many possibilities.

For Bert, Liwanag is energy, healing and home.

Fronie: Fronie found the event as a gathering of highly intelligent people, (to include reformist, revolutionist and activist), who are deeply concerned in social transformation. The harmony, not just in the diversity of people but also of faith, was really amazing. Fronie also appreciated all the vegetarian meals.

Liwanag is the event to experience all this according to Fronie. And Liwanag, for her was such a sanctuary.

Rodelyn: Found Liwanag as her very first time to experience a big event with big group gatherings of complex and diverse subjects. And she was really amazed how all these things can happen.

As a teacher, Rodelyn resonated so much with story lab and the creative learning possibilities inside “Balay-balay”. She was amazed by the technology how former Congressman Walden Belo appeared in screen and delivered a talk and engaged in direct interaction while based in the US.

She loves the mindfulness exercises every morning, and though she had a difficulty eating vegetarian food, she was bold to say she never felt hungry.

Liwanag for Rodelyn is to be in a space of unlimited ideas, finding new ways of doing things and realizing oneself becoming a better person so excited to engage in activities that would make an impact to the community.

She was so thankful she was invited and given with such an opportunity.

Ricky: He was impressed to personally see Nick Perlas giving a message about transforming society thru inner change and the concept of 3-folding – government, business and civil society.

Like other delegates, he also appreciated the socio-mapping and the “Balay-balay” approach to clustering of delegates of varied interests and seeing professionals and elite see themselves co-equals with simple delegates in group gatherings and discussions wherein amidst difference in race, religion and culture people agree on a common good. He was enlightened seeing how these things unfolded right before his eyes and came to a realization that people can unite for education (an action group where he also belongs).

He was also impressed about the cultural night seeing live cultural artists like Joey Ayala and Tapati. He was brought to his stillness following the harmony of talent and skills in music displayed by the artists. Ricky dreamed to see such harmony in the community.

For Ricky, Liwanag is hope for national unity, harmony and the co-creating a new Philippines.

Jude: Experiences Liwanag starting with Padyak Tungo sa Liwanag like in 2 previous Liwanag events with PTL now as old as Liwanag. As always, PTL is challenging. In his case, Jude took a fixie bamboo bike on his way to Cebu (fixed gear is having a fixed single gear both in front and back. No derailleur and freewheeling mechanism). Worst, he experienced a lot of flat tire incidents which made him failed to hit distance targets. Nevertheless, every culmination of it to drum beat Liwanag is as always heartwarming – all the hugs with MISSION brothers and sisters not minding how the “heaven” bikers smell.

Jude sees Liwanag truly as play with “balay-balay” methodology to groupings, sharing and plenary presentations. He sited that the small and reducing number of members of his group was in a way indicative in many ways what government involvement in social transformation is, yet such small but committed government employees can do a lot.

It was a big surprise to know that a lot of people were talking good things about Bayawan and how the “bugsay” created a Liwanag sensation.

Again, Liwanag, for Jude, is a play. And the “Diwata” (muse) in no longer old but young and playful.

Ritchie: Like Jude & Tatay Filcon, I also start Liwanag with Padyak. Personally, Padyak is my way of cleansing & purification worthy of Liwanag experience. My Padyak this year has also a unique challenge. It was the first time I do Padyak in different route alone but connected with Jude, Tatay Filcon and with some MISSION Members to whom I share my daily reflections.

My experience of Padyak is truly a renewal especially when I was on my way to Mt. Canlaon, where the great mountain made me recall the many mountains I failed to climb in my family, my work, and in MISSION, and led me to claim back my true self and recall and renew my life dreams again.

Liwanag for me is a sanctuary. This is what I saw in “Balay-balay” approach to various sessions, group gathering and sharing. The interactive tool to gather individual interest to achieve collectivity is dynamic and we don’t know how the story will end. Its possibility is endless and to write a script and control the situation kills it.

The real “Balay-balay” is indeed a play but with no script. There were just roles assumed by those involved. It will not end supposedly. Children wants to play every day and to even extend it overnight if not stopped by parents and bring children home. Actually, this is how the “Balay-balay” ends – the very act of bring people home, which is the role of cultural workers and so with MISSION members.

Liwanag for me is a sanctuary. But in the context of “Balay-balay”, Liwanag is going home and leading people home. Or in the case of “Laudatu si”,… saving our common home.

After the sharing of reflections, we discussed MISSION Trainings announced last BC Meeting and had the discussion of social enterprise.



  1. LWF2015 delegates to connect with each action Group in Liwanag 2015 as a light bearer this time;
  2. Conduct another batch of MISSION Courage Workshop this month of October, 2015 to share light and bring light to different parts of the city thru various initiatives;
  3. Acquire a property to be developed as an Eco-Village (parallel to what was discussed in MISSION General Assembly & BC Meeting) to birth our inspiration of Liwanag 2015.

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