A Sojourner's View

Carl M. Gaspar, CSsR


If only for its logo – a radiant, multi-colored lotus flower with a gentle fire in its womb – the LIWANAG : WORLD FESTIVAL ON CREATIVITY AND SUSTAINABILITY was the event in Davao City in late January and early February that should not have been missed. Especially for the citizenry who wants to know more about the interfacing of creative initiatives towards the total well-being of the whole planet and all its creatures and sustainable engagements to protect the integrity of creation while providing for the everyday needs of peoples within their communities through social enterprises.


Just ended, just started

Kristina Liberty Marie Suelto


I just have to commend and would like to say THANK YOU to each person part of the Liwanag Organizing Team (includes local/national organizers) [Nic P., Ate Shiela, Kuya Jagat, Ate Tressa, Tita Terry, Jim, Ate Tammy] , MISSION members [ Ate Monica, Nalini,  Dad, Mom, Darlene, Paolo, Kuya Jude, Tatay Felcon, Kuya Richie, Kuya Ome, Valerie, Louise, France, Ate Au, Kuya Sam, Ate Rina, Fr. Tito, Lola Bebot, Enrique, Herms, Kuya Vincent, basta lahat MISSION Members with us physically on the event or not], ELDOT (Extended Liwanag Davao Organizing Team), Friends of MISSION, Liwanag Artists, Plenary Speakers, Volunteers and Participants.


LIWANAG World Festival on Creativity and Sustainability, Davao City

Shermon Cruz


February was the month when I saw LIWANAG again.  And I was really happy to learn that IMAGINAL VISIONING and, if I may, “INTUITIVE FORESIGHT” (to borrow the words of Oliver Markley) was emerging from the South.

It was my third trip to the Mindanao region this year and capping it with an arts, culture and consciousness fest as an academic year ender was awesome.


The Power of Little Things: Reflections on Liwanag World Festival 2013

Shiela R. Castillo*


There is nothing less than grand about Liwanag World Festival. But this is only because it is made up of many modest, well thought-out, things. Indeed, we witnessed what Aristotle meant by “the whole is more than the sum of its parts.”

Baby steps. Liwanag dared to take little steps to making grand things possible. It only took commitment and the leap: the Padyak tungo sa Liwanag Bike Pilgrimage is probably the best example.